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Professional Police Leadership: Skills and Tools for the New LE Environment - 6 TS

Dates:June 18, 2024
Meets:Tu from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Location:Raymore Police Department Training Center
Cost: $125.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


It has never been a more difficult time to be a law enforcement officer, which means it is as equally tough to be a law enforcement supervisor or agency leader. We need to be better than our critics. We need to lead from the front, boldly, legally, ethically, humanely, and assertively. If you're a new supervisor, will promote soon, or are a veteran leader in your agency, this session will give you confidence, skill-building, new tools for coaching to get positive employee performance and behavior changes, and proof that you are on the right path as a professional police leader.

This session is designed to help law enforcement officers at every level to lead, promote, and rise to where they want to be in their agencies. The lectures, lessons, and exercises are short, direct, and filled with tools designed for immediate use in the field and in the station. We have never seen such difficulties and challenges to public safety. The professionals (heroes) of law enforcement are especially impacted by this continuing tsunami of change at every level. Leadership in our profession, in all its forms and applications, has never been so important and so needed. This learning program will offer you many ideas for better "managership," supervision, and leadership models to make positives change for the better for your sworn officers and deputies, non-sworn staff, and the citizens they serve.

Learning Agenda:

The five functions of police leadership.
What type of boss are you?
Coaching skills refresher.
Mentoring in the field and at the station.
Protecting and defending our proud police culture.
Addressing officer safety issues.
Performance evaluations and discipline conversations.
Succession planning: developing your next police leaders.
Fee: $125.00

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Raymore Police Department Training Center

100 Municipal Circle
Raymore, MO 64083

Steve Albrecht

Steve Albrecht is nationally known for his books on police officer safety and tactics, including Contact & Cover: Two-Officer Suspect Control, which is still in print since its publication in 1992. At both the Academy and in-service levels, he has taught training programs on domestic violence investigations, stalking investigations, workplace and school violence response, active shooter, police stress management, and police suicide prevention. He worked for the San Diego (CA) Police Department for 15 years, as a patrol officer, Domestic Violence Unit investigator, and a reserve sergeant. His 24 books include Patrol Cop; Tactical Perfection for Street Cops; Surviving Street Patrol; Streetwork; and his latest, The Police Professional: 60 Ways to Lead."


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